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Vol. 22 (2013)

Simner, Marvin L. “The Unfolding Story of One Old South Neighbourhood,” 2-8

McEwen, Catherine B. “Our Big Toboggan Slides,” 9-17

Curnoe, Glen “Grave Concerns: An Examination of Brick Street Cemetery,” 18-29

Simner, Marvin L. “A Revised Account of Simcoe’s Exploration of the Forks,” 30-34


Vol. 23 (2014)

            Brock, Dan "The Pioneer Phase of Automobiles in London and Area" 6-21

Ruppe, Helga "The Sulphur Springs Bathhouse: the Early Days and the Charles Dunnett Years " 22-36
Simner, Marvin L. “A Brief History of the Temperance Movement in London and the Surrounding Area” 37-61
Aitken, John "Postcard Series: Views of the Thames" 62-83


Vol. 24 (2015)

Wittmann, Tara "The Servant Question: Exploring the two Worlds of Eldon House" 10-20

Simner, Marvin L. "The London Waterworks Controversy; The Great Debate of 1875-1877" 21-38

Lisowski, John "The Ku Klux Klan in London, Ontario" 39-51

Vol. 25 (2016)

Simner, Marvin L. "London's First Summer Resort" 5-24

Brock, Dan "Women Drivers in Pre-World War I London" 26-38

McEwen, Catherine B. "When Springbank Park Had a Zoo" 39-61

Rice, Mike "London's Subways" 62-77

Vol. 26 (2017)

Simner, Marvin L. "How London, Ontario Celebrated the Birth of Confederation from 1867 through 1907" 6-21

Grainger, Jennifer "Canada's Golden Jubilee Celebrating July 1, 1917 in London, Ontario" 22-26

Brock, Dan. "London Celebrates Canada's Diamond Jubilee" 27-36

McClelland, Arthur  "Celebrating Canada's Centennial - 1967" 37-48

"The Story of Confederation" 49-70

Vol. 27 (2019)

Lutz, Roxanne. "Editorial" 4

Curnoe, W. Glen, McEwen, Catherine B. "Carved in Stone" 6-23

Noon, Alan "The Disappearance of Harry Hines" 24-43

Ronalds, Beverley F.  "Before Eldon House: Lucy Ronalds Harris' background and upbringing" 44-55

Vol. 28 (2020)

Contributing Authors. "Editorial" 3

Brock, Dan  "The Crew and Passengers on the Fatal Trip of the Victoria" 5-68

Simner, Marvin L. "A Turbulent Chapter in the Early 20th Century History
of London, Ontario
" 69-101

Rice, Mike  "The Growing and Harvesting of Sugar Beets in
Middlesex County in Times Gone By
" 102-107

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