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Society Publications in Print

Unless otherwise noted, all this material is available at the London Room at the Central Branch of the London Public Library, London, Ontario. Copies of some of the Serials and Monographs are still available for sale through he Society. Print copies of the Historian after 2013 are produced for members and small number of extra copies.


A. Serials



Part I (1908)

Campbell, Cl. T. “The Founding of London,” 12-28

Carling, Sir John “The Pioneers of Middlesex,” 29-35


Part II (1909)

Priddis, Harriett “The Naming of London Streets,” 7-30

Gilkinson, Augusta J.G. “The Great Western Railway,” 31-44

Morrison, Rev. John “The Caradoc Academy,” 45-52


Part III (1911)

Campbell, Cl. T. “The Settlement of London,” 9-51

Cronyn, Verschoyle “The First Bishop of Huron,” 53-62


Part IV (1913)

Poole, J.I. “The Fight at Battle Hill,” 7-61

Priddis, Harriett “Reminiscences of Mrs. Gilbert Porte,” 62-69

Evans, Mrs. “The Mackenzies of Hyde Park,” 70-75


Part V (1914)

Campbell, Cl. T. “Robert Wilson, The Pioneer Teacher,” 6-13

Edwards, C.B. “London Public Schools, 1848-1871,” 14-29

McCutcheon, F.W.C. “The London Grammar School and the Collegiate Institute,” 30-40

James, N.C. “The Western University,” 41-47


Part VI (1915)

Priddis, Harriet (ed.) “The Proudfoot Papers – Part I,” 5-89


Part VII (1916)

Talbot, Freeman “The Fathers of London Township,” 5-14

Hughes, Hon. D.J. “Bench and Bar in the Early Days,” 17-32

Cameron, D.M. “Gleanings from the Sheriff’s Records,” 35-46

Campbell, Cl. T. “Pioneer Politicians,” 49-62

“The Wreck of the Victoria,” 63-64


Part VIII (1917)

“Governor Simcoe’s Tour Through Southern Ontario,” 5-18

Priddis, Harriet (ed.) “The Proudfoot Papers – Part II,” 20-33

Campbell, D.J. “The Settlers of Lobo Township,” 36-44

Zavitz, Edgar M. “The Society of Friends of Lobo Township,” 47-52


Part IX (1918)

Campbell, Cl. T. “The Village of London,” 5-25

Elliot, Judge William “Reminiscences,” 26-29

Landon, Fred “The History of the Wilberforce Refugee Colony in Middlesex County,” 30-44

“London’s Honor Roll in the Great War,” 45-47


Part X (1919)

Gorman, Major Henry “The 100th Prince of Wales Royal Canadian Regiment,” 5-15

Cameron, D.M. “The Fourth Middlesex Militia Regiment,” 16-24

Landon, Fred “Fugitive Slaves in London before 1860,” 25-37

Glass, S. Frank “Biographical Sketch of the Life and Ties of Hon. David Glass,” 39-44

Cox, Rev. G.M. “Recollections of a London Military School,” 45-49


Part XI (1922)

Priddis, Harriet and Fred Landon “The Proudfoot Papers – Part III,” 5-96


Part XII (1927)

Landon, Fred “The Exiles of 1838 from Canada to Van Diemen’s Land,” 5-20

Talman, James J. “The Reverend Richard Flood—Indian Missionary and Rector of Delaware 1834-65,” 21-25

Landon, Fred “Some Early Newspapers and Newspaper Men of London,” 26-34

Cuddy, Sutherland “Strathroy, 1832-1925,” 35-48


Part XIII (1929)

Garland, Rev. M.A. “Some Frontier and American Influences in Upper Canada prior to 1837,” 5-33

Maine, S. F. “The Early Methodist Episcopal Church in Ontario,” 34-47

Talman, James J. “Early Immigration to Adelaide Township in Middlesex County,” 48-54


Part XIV (1930)

Parker, Harry E. “Early Presbyterianism in Western Ontario, 10-79

Parker, Harry E. (ed.) “Diary of William Fraser, August, 1834-July, 1835, 80-156


Part XV (1937)

Seaborn, Dr. Edwin “Dr. Elam Stimson,” 5-9

Stimson, Dr. Elam “The Cholera Beacon,” 10-36


Part XVI Centennial Review 1967

Campbell, C.T. “The Founding of London,” 4-19

Carling, Sir John “The Pioneers of Middlesex,” 21-27

Priddis, Harriett, “Naming of London Streets,” 29-53

Bartram, G.W.H. “Charles Hunt 1820-1871,” 55-84

Illustrations, 20, 28, 54, 85

Miller, W.C. “Mahlon Burwell – Deputy Surveyor,” 86-108

Higgins, John C. “The Story of Richard Shenick and the Rebellion of 1837,” 109-119

“Publications of the London & Middlesex Historical Society 1902-1937,” 120-121

“Officers and Members [1901-1908],” 122-124

“Meetings [1901-1966 with Officers 1942-1966],” 125-152

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Historian (formerly the London and Middlesex Historical Society Transactions)

Vol. 17 (1990)

Gibb, Alice “The Labatt Snatch,” 3-13

Brock, Daniel J. “The Shaping of Middlesex,” 14-26

Armstrong, Frederick H. (ed.) “Thomas Kent’s Recollections of Early London,” 27-33

“People from London’s Past,” 34-37

“The Adelaide /Metcalfe Birthplace of Edward Blake,” 38-39

“Peter Butler: A Pioneer of Biddulph,” 40


Vol. 18 (1991)

Mombourquette, John “The ‘Battle’ of Carling’s Farm: Politics and the London, Ontario Infantry School,” 5-17

Cameron, Wendy “Petworth Emigrants in Adelaide Township: The Cost of Assisted Emigration in 1832,” 18-31

Gibb, Alice “Peter McArthur: The Sage of Ekfrid,” 32-41

Hitchins, William E. “In Search of the Ghost of Eldon House,” 49-53

“The Oxbow in Gibbons Park,” 49-53

“Ilderton’s 1903 Conflagration,” 54-57

“The Komoka Train Fire of 1874,” 58-60


Vol. 19 (1992)

Sheik, Joe “A Return to Battle Hill: Re-Interpreting the Battle of the Longwoods,” 5-22

Spencer, David R. “London’s Forgotten Visionary: The Life and Times of Joseph T. Marks, 23-33

Armstrong, Frederick H. “The Goodhue Estate Controversy,” 34-42

Pope, Agnes/Rosemary Norris (ed.) “The Old War Horse: Simon McLeod of Parkhill,” 43-47

“Glencoe’s Calithumpian Parade of 1908,” 48-53

“The C.N.R. Maintenance of Way Picnic, 1925,” 54-55

“Our New Heraldic Shield,” 56


Vol. 20 (1993)

Parmenter, Jon W. “Treason in the London District During the War of 1812,” 5-26

Tovey, Mark “The First Stage: The Officers of the London Garrison and the Theatre Royal,” 27-44

Mombourquette, John “The Fenians are Coming! London and the Invasion Scares of 1865-1866,” 45-65

Sydere, Arthur H./Frederick H. Armstrong (ed.) “Recollections of London, 1854-1867,” 66-74

“Profiles from the Past,” 75-78

“The Oldest Londoner,” 79-81

“The Royal Visit of 1939,” 82-87


Vol. 21 Canada Remembers 1945 – 1995 (1995)

McNorgan, Michael “Carnage in Normandy: London’s First Hussars at Le Mesnil-Patry, 9-21

Morden, Pat “Winning the War, But Losing the Battle: London Women in World War Two,” 22-28

Gibb, Alice “Humour Under Fire: Merle Tingley,” 29-39

Baker, Michael “Put Victory First: London and Sixth Victory Loan Campaign,” 40-45

Maltman, Grant M. “’Sir Frederick, It Is Your Duty To Do So’,” 46-49

“’On With The Show’: The London Life Troupers,” 50-52

Baker, Michael and John Mombourquette “Teaching the Homefront: A Joint LRAHM – LMHS Education Project”, 53. This relates to Discovery Envelope Number One (1995) The Homefront London, Ontario and World War II. See below.

Baker, Michael and John Mombourquette “The Canada Remembers LRAHM Exhibit London At War: 1939-1945,” 54-65


Vol. 22 (2013)

Simner, Marvin L. “The Unfolding Story of One Old South Neighbourhood,” 2-8

McEwen, Catherine B. “Our Big Toboggan Slides,” 9-17

Curnoe, Glen “Grave Concerns: An Examination of Brick Street Cemetery,” 18-29

Simner, Marvin L. “A Revised Account of Simcoe’s Exploration of the Forks,” 30-34


Vol. 23 (2014)

            Brock, Dan "The Pioneer Phase of Automobiles in London", 6-21

Ruppe, Helga "The Sulphur Springs Bathhouse: the Early Days and the Charles Dunnett Years", 22-36
Simner, Marvin L. “A Brief History of the Temperance Movement in London and the Surrounding Area”     , 37-61
Aitken, John "Postcard Series: Views of the Thames", 62-83


Vol. 24 (2015)

Wittmann, Tara "The Servant Question: Exploring the two Worlds of Eldon House", 10-20

Simner, Marvin L. "The London Waterworks Controversy; The Great Debate of 1875-1877", 21-38

Lisowski, John "The Ku Klux Klan in London, Ontario", 39-51

Vol. 25 (2016)

Simner, Marvin L. "London's First Summer Resort", 5-24

Brock, Dan "Women Drivers in Pre-World War I London", 26-38

McEwen, Catherine B. "When Springbank Park Had a Zoo", 39-61

Rice, Mike "London's Subways", 62-77


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Historical Calendars

1998 – 100 Years Ago Today! London 1898 in a 1998 Calendar

1999 – 100 Years Ago Today London 1899

2000 – 100 Years Ago Today London 1900

2001 – 100 Years Ago Today London & Area 1901

2002 – Events of 100 Years Ago [1902]

2003 – Events of 100 Years Ago [1903]

2004 – Events of 100 Years Ago [1904]

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B. Monographs


St. Denis, Guy (ed.) Simcoe’s Choice: Celebrating London’s Bicentennial 1793 – 1993 (1992) The London & Middlesex Historical Society provided the editor, contributors and New Horizons volunteers for the book which was published by Dundurn Press. 280 pp.  Articles within the volume are:


Mombourquette, John “London Postponed: John Graves Simcoe and His Capital in the Wilderness,” 1-30

Whebell, C.F.J. “The London Strategem: From Concept to Consummation, 1791-1855,” 31-66

Read, Colin “Rebellion Days in and about London,” 67-92

De Pencier, Honor “Early Views of London: Dartnell and His Contemporaries,” 93-115

Brock, Daniel J. “’Half of London in Ruin!’: London’s Great Fires of 1844 and 1845,” 116-136

Tausky, Nancy Zwart “Memorials in Paper and Stone: Records of the Robert Flint Family,” 137-166

Reaney, James “’Whiskey in a Tin Cup!’” 167-174

Armstrong, Frederick H. “Obscenity in Victorian London: The Lotto Davene Poster Trial,” 175-192

Spencer, David R. “Broken Dreams: Adam Beck, Hydro, and the Radial Railway Controversy 1910- 1922,” 193-214

Gibb, Alice “Death or Glory: The 1927 London-to-London Flight,” 215-231

Cook, Kevin J. “London’s Inadvertent Triumph: The Margison Report, 1958-1972,” 232-248

Pleva, Edward G. “Planning in the London Area: An Overview,” 249-255

Desbarats, Peter “The Future of London’s Past,” 256-267


Farrell, Wilfred The History of the London & Middlesex Historical Society (1992), 174 pp.


Discovery Envelope Number One (1995) The Homefront London, Ontario and World War II (21 reproductions of original documents) (A joint publication with the London Regional Art and Historical Museums)


McEwen, Catherine B. (ed.) The Carty Chronicles of LANDMARKS and LONDONERS (2005), 128 pp.


Brock, Daniel J. (Catherine B. McEwen, ed.) Fragments from the Forks: London Ontario’s Legacy (2011), 488 pp. + foldout map


Simner, Marvin L. The Heart of Wortley Village: From Crown Land to Urban Community (2012) 32 pp.


Brown, Vanessa. The Grand Old Lady: A History of Hotel London (2015) 383 pp. 

Simner, Marvin L. End of the Great War in 1918 and its Impact on London, Ontario: Prelude, Celebrations and Aftermath (2018) 56 pp.


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C. Newsletter Articles

Autumn 1992       

The Brick Street Cemetery       

Commemoration of Canada 125, by Susan Wodlinger

Grosvenor Lodge

Fall 1993 

Derek Newton 1920-1993

The Oakland Cemetery Saga, by Barry C. Wells


Winter 1994           

On the Death of Orlo Miller by Herman Goodden

Orlo Miller Anthology-LMHS by Dan Brock

LACAC 1993 Update, Rosemary Norris

Oakland Cemetery Update

London into the Next Century Conference


Spring 1994           

History of the Old Town Cemetery by Charles Addington [This was on the present site                                              of the present site of the London Regional Art and Historical Museums (LRAHM).]

Oakland Cemetery Renovation

Heritage Recipes from London, Ontario, by Susan Wodlinger


Summer/Fall 1994  

Bill Hitchins

Market Memories by Genet Hodder

Heritage Recipes from London, Ontario, by Susan Wodlinger


September 1997

A Success Story!, by Alastair Neely, 1. [The celebration of Canada Day at the Middlesex                                             County Administration Building (the Old Court House)]


May 1998               

LMHS in Harmony with Guy Lombardo

Notes by Deb Rogers


August 1998        

100 Years Later… by Deb Rogers


December 1998

Notes from the President by Deb Rogers


March 2009         

The Guy Lombardo We Never Knew by Dan Brock and John Lisowski


May 2009               

Paul Peel’s ‘Girl and Kittens’ by Catherine McEwen


November 2010   

LMHS/ACO Joint Trip to Ancaster by Arthur McClelland


March 2011           

A Spooky Evening with the Paranormal Knights… by Alice Gibb

January 2012        

Blackfriars” by Dan Brock


March 2012          

London’s Tobogganing Craze, by Catherine McEwen


May 2012              

Trapped Men Rescued From Cave-In, by Dan Brock


August 2012          

“Diamond Jim” Baxter: Another Tenuous London Connection with the Titanic, by Arthur McClelland

Copp’s Buildall Deeply Rooted in Present-Day London, by Dan Brock


Fall 2012                

Antique shop closes, yet memories remain, by Roxanne Lutz

An Urban Myth? The Pool at Lord Roberts Public School, by Dan Brock


Winter 2013          

I Had A Dream: The Collecting and Microfilming of London’s Early Newspapers, by Dan Brock                                 

Lest We Forget Bostwick Cemetery, by Catherine McEwen

Spring 2013            

Fording and Footbridges: Crossing the Thames in the Vicinity of St. Julien Park in the First Decades of the Twentieth Century, by Dan Brock & Stephen Harding


Summer 2013        

Dating a Photo, Identifying the Location, and Fleshing Out the Story on the Southeast Corner of Adelaide Street and Hamilton Road, by Dan Brock


Fall 2013                  

Attempts to Link London to Metropolitan Centres by Water in the 1830s, by Dan Brock

Winter 2014

Peter Johnson’s Last Days in Ireland, by Catherine McEwen

Gunsmiths of Nineteenth-Century London, by Dan Brock


Spring 2014            

A Tobogganing Post Script, by Catherine McEwen

The “Horseless Carriage” Arrives in London, by Dan Brock


Summer 2014        

London’s First Suburb: George Jervis Goodhue’s Addition to the Town Plot of London, by Dan Brock       

The Legend of Hell’s Gates, by Joe O’Neil

An Interview with Robert Thomas, 1942


Autumn 2014

Follow-up to “An Interview with Robert Thomas, 1942”                                            

Western Archives Spotlight, by Theresa Regnier                                         

The Great Bear Hunt, by Dan Brock


Winter 2015            

Francis G. Westlake, Photographer, by Dan Brock                                      

The African choir, articles contributed by Douglas Flood


Spring 2015            

Alan Freed's The Big Beat Comes to London, by Dan Brock


Summer 2015       

An Amazing Feat: John Smyth's Story, by Dan Brock

London & Middlesex Historical Society Buys Lucan Landmark for $1, by Alice Gibb


Autumn 2015        

From Footsteps to the 401: A History of London Transportation in Quotations, Part I, articles contributed by Jennifer Grainger


Winter 2016          

From Footsteps to the 401: A History of London Transportation in Quotations, Part II, articles contributed by Jennifer Grainger

Spring 2016          

New Light Shed on “The Victoria Day Disaster”, by Dan Brock, Ken McTaggart and Alan Noon

Darch & Hunter Seeds, by Colin Duck and Cindy Hartman

Summer 2016      

In Search of Annie: The Forgotten Saunders, by Dan Brock

Autumn 2016        

Hidden History of Hamilton Road: Graham Hotel, by Cindy Hartman

New Bells for St. Peter's Seminary, by Colin Duck

Letter, 143 Years Old, Found in the Wall of a House on Van Street in London, by Dan Brock and Colin Duck

A Trip Around our Neighbourhood Paper Route, by Glen Curnoe

Winter 2017          

Fate of Simcoe Street War Memorial Undecided, by Alice Gibb

Ku Klux Clan Gathered At Dorchester Fairgrounds, by Alice Gibb

Preserving Heritage through Conservation of Paper Artifacts, by Jennifer Robertson

A Trip Around our Neighbourhood Paper Route Part II, by Glen Curnoe 

Dundas Street, East of Talbot, In 1867, by Dan Brock 

Spring 2017        

Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Updates, by Stephen Harding

Historic Gore Cemetery is Chained & Locked, by Stephen Harding

London Mayor Strong Proponent of Diversity, by Alice Gibb

SoHo History Column featuring Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee, by Alice Gibb

London on the Eve of Confederation, by Dan Brock 

Rectory Street School, by Cindy Hartman

Summer 2017    

Canadian Baseball History Symposium, by Stephen Harding

Gleanings From The Gore, by Stephen Harding

Industrial Archaeology in OEV, by Stephen Harding

London Majors Alumni Reunion, by Stephen Harding

McGillivray Township History Book in High Demand, by Ron Walker

Nissouri Nudger Published From Crossroads Country Store, by Alice Gibb

No Centennial Celebrations at Woodfield in 1967, by Catherine McEwen

Vintage London Coal Yards, by Cindy Hartman

The Notebook: a tantalizing tale from St. Joseph's earliest days, by Noelle Tangredi

Rev. Thomas Boyd's Boyhood Memories, 60 Years Later, of London at the Time of Confederation, by Dan Brock

Autumn 2017     

Marshall Bros. Tea Co. Resurrected, by Dorothy Palmer

Vintage London East. 1887: The Western Fair Moves to Queen's Park, by Cindy Hartman

The Custom House: An iconic building in London, by Colin Duck

The Dam Dam, by Glen Curnoe

Practical Jokes in the Nineteenth Century Inspired by Goodspeeds' History of the County of Middlesex, by Dan Brock

There was no Winter 2018 newsletter.

Spring 2018         

Ty Cobb Makes History at Tecumseh Park, by Stephen Harding

Intercounty Baseball League Celebrates 100th Anniversary, by Stephen Harding

Milestones for Middlesex Centre Archives, by Carolynn Bart-­Riedstra, Archivist

First London-­‐to-­‐London Transatlantic Telephone Call, by Cindy Hartman
Belmont aerial photo, by Mike Rice

East London Manufacturing District, by Cindy Hartman

Big Crowds See Circus at the Grand April 1918, by Colin Duck

Fatal Explosion at Wolseley Barracks, by Colin Duck

An Anomaly in London?, Jane Hughes and Marvin Recker

“Woman-­Power” Debuts in London Munitions Factory, by Alice Gibb

Universalism in Middlesex County, by Dan Brock

Summer 2018   

The London and Middlesex Historical Society Celebrates Canada's Centennial, by Arthur McClelland

Early Female Western Graduate Awarded Honorary Degree, by Alice Gibb

Elevated GTR Line West of Wharncliffe Road, by Cindy Hartman

Who Painted the Royal Coat of Arms in the Middlesex County Council Chamber? by Dan Brock

Fall 2018             

The Spanish Flu in London Ontario during October 1918, by Cindy Hartman

Iconic Longwoods Home, "Grape Shade", Demolished, by Jane Hughes 

The beginnings of Zellers Department Stores in London, 1928, by Colin Duck

"All in the Family”: An Account of Some of the Members of the Odell Family, by Dan Brock

Winter 2019       

The Fugitive Slave Chapel Preservation Project is back on track, by Genet Hodder

Thorndale Spy Arrived and Departed in Record Time, by Alice Gibb 

A Visual History of 1120 Dundas Street, London, by Cindy Hartman

Maltese Canadian Associations/Clubs in the London Area: A Brief Sketch, by Dan Brock

Spring 2019         

Lucan Native Dies Mysteriously on Remote Devil’s Hole Island, by Alice Gibb

Has this Unidentified Building been Identified? by Cindy Hartman

St. Angela’s Academy/College & School of Music for Girls, by Colin Duck

The Location of Lieutenant Governor Simcoe's Proposed Capital for Upper Canada, by Dan Brock

Bishop Crinnon Photograph Album Seeking Identifications, by Dominy Williams, Director of Library & Archives, Bishop Farrell Library & Archives

Summer 2019     

Canoeing Down the Thames in 1947, by Alice Gibb

London's Foregotten Railway Station, by Mike Rice

Major Thomas Beattie, by Cindy Hartman

Out Migration from London and Middlesex in the Nineteenth Century: How Does One Begin to Research This?, by Dan Brock

Fall 2019             

Richmond Street Bridge, by Mike Rice

Research Tools For Local Historians, by Cindy Hartman

Who Had the Greatest Effect on London and Middlesex Prior to 1901? by Dan Brock

"London's Very Own First Automobile Delights Passengers, contributed by Glen Curnoe

Winter 2020       

Lost History: The Royal Exchange Building, by Cindy Hartman

Rattlesnake Bite Shocks Southwest Middlesex Community, by Alice Gibb

Egerton Street Baptist Church, by Arthur McClelland

Prof. Pasquale Venuta, Stepping Out From Behind Guy Lombardo's Shadow, by Dan Brock

Spring 2020       

The Royal Visit of the Duke & Duchess of Cornwall & York to London, Ontario on October 12, 1901, by Cindy Hartman

Elsie Perrin Williams Memorial Library used as a model for buildings all across the continent, by Colin Duck

Recollections, by Douglas Hogg

Gleanings from the Gore, by Stephen Harding

Looking Back at Pandemics and Epidemics to have struck Londoners, by Dan Brock

Summer 2020   

A Sister of St. Joseph and Her Pioneering Work with Alcoholics in London, by Mary Kosta

Memories of the 1937 Flood, April 26, 1937, by Roy Kerr (Contributed by Alice Gibb)

Gleanings From The Gore by Stephen Harding

Appendix to Carved in Stone by W. Glen Curnoe and Catherine B. McEwen, London & Middlesex Historian, Volume 27, 2019, by Glen Curnoe

Skinny Dipping in the Thames River: In Search of the Identity of "A Young Man with Only a Shirt On", by Dan Brock


Fall 2020           

Gleanings from the Gore, by Stephen Harding

Byron's Forgotten McMillen Cemetery, by Catherine B. McEwen

New History Looks at the Year that Created Modern Canada, by Alice Gibb

Conservation of The Parent Trap 1961 Film Poster at the former Capitol Theatre, by Jennifer Rober

John Garvey and The London Echo, by Dan Brock


Spring 2021     

A Disastrous Fire on Dundas Street November 3, 1911, by Colin Duck

Greg Curnoe Childhood Home Heritage Designation, by Lorraine Tinsley

Michael Benson, A Deserter, by Dan Brock

It's a London toy, by Cindy Hartman

Harriet Boomer, by Arthur McClelland


Summer 2021  

An Update Regarding "Grave Concerns",  by Glen Curnoe

The Automobile Age Strikes London, Tourist Accommodations Along Dundas Street East of Highbury Avenue, by Arthur McClelland

An Early Geography Lesson, by Catherine B. McEwen

1881 Architectural Remains of the Masonic Temple and Grand Opera House, by Cindy Hartman

Celebrated Turtle Hunter Scours Arva Pond, by Alice Gibb

Esther Forsyth Arscott Barnes, London's Most Successful Madam: Family Fragments, by Dan Brock


Fall 2021           

An Update: "The Dying Confession of Cornelius Burley", by Dan Brock

Duffield Block 1871-2021, by Arthur McClelland

Vintage London Snippets of History, by Colin Duck

"London Six" Canada's Quality Car: One Hundred Years Ago 1921, by Cindy Hartman


Winter 2021     

An Update on the Fugitive Slave Chapel Project, by Genet Hodder

Rules and Regulations for the London District Gaol, by Dan Brock

Colonel Talbot's Ancestral Home as an Irish Attraction, by Alice Gibb

A Head's Up: New Calendar and Book, Fairholme, by Alice Gibb

Spring 2022     

Memoriams - Remembered, by Alice Gibb

Former Emco building gets a new life, by Hayden Bulbrook

Victoria Disaster, by Glen Curnoe

Grandma and The Prince of Wales, by Catharine B. McEwen

Klu Klux Klan held meeting at Dorchester Fairgrounds, by Alice Gibb

Presidents of The London & Middlesex Historical Society, by Dan Brock

Daniel Simmons Perrin (1833-1908) and his family, by Arthur McClelland

London’s first bank robbery and more, by Dan Brock

Summer 2022    

Trying to Explain the Behavior of Really Bad People by Dale Munro

Victoria Disaster by Glen Curnoe

A Photo History of the ‘Holy Roller’ in London Ontario, by Cindy Hartman and Mike Rice

An Attempt to Solve the Mystery of a Painting in the McIntosh Gallery Collection at Western University by Dan Brock

Fall 2022           

Alexander Gauld by Paul Prince

Catherine Gardner, by Glen Curnoe

Mount Elgin Residential School History Recalled, by Alice Gibb

Shedding Light on Three Letters to Eliza (Bailie) Hannaford, by Dan Brock

Brescia University College and St. Peter’s Seminary: Two Bookends”, by Fr. Michael Prieur S.T.D.

London Women’s History Project and the Famous Five Troupe, by Jean Hewitt

Winter 2022   

A Fascinating Donnelly Publication and Presentation, by Dale Munro

The Recent Slave Chapel Move, by Glen Curnoe

Birds Eye View of Brigade Camp Kensington, London, Ontario Sept. 8, 1874, Sketched and Drawn, by P.A. Gross, by Cindy Hartman

The Library Book Plate, by Glen Curnoe

Trains Trapped, by Snowstorms around Southwestern Ontario, by Alice Gibb

Shrouded In Myth, the Arrival of the First Train in London, by Dan Brock & Gerry Nichols

(Attachment) A Follow Up on “The Crucifixion Tableau”, by Fr. M. Prieur STD

Spring 2023   

A Settler’s Roots: Beechwood Is No More, by Ailie Cleghorn

Fugitive Slave Chapel Relocated to Fanshawe Pioneer Village, by Dawn Miskelly

The Final Erection of the Crucifixion Tableau, by Fr. Michael Prieur STD

The Tolpuddle Martyrs and The Nature of Fame, by Geoffrey Anderson

A Photo Essay: Examples of Historical Geographic Marketing “London”, by Sandy McRae

The Family That Prays Together Stays Together, by A Feature Film of The Rosary Priest Father Patrick Peyton -Commemorating The 75th Anniversary of the Rosary Crusade, by Michelle Iurman

George Washington Busteed: Editor Of London’s Second Newspaper, by Dan Brock

Summer 2023 

“Blessing Day”, the Final Chapter of the “Brescia Miracle Tableau”, by Fr. M. Prieur STD

The Poet Anne Wilkinson and Her Connections To London, by Geoff Anderson

Beechwood, by  Glen Curnoe

One Block Streets in Wards 1 to 4, London, Ontario from 1852-1897 : A Brief Etymology of Street Names, by Arthur Mc Clelland

The Methodist New Connexion Church in London, by 1850-1874 : A Brief Outline, by Dan Brock

Fall 2023           

The Wicklow-Wexford Irish of London Township, by Dan Brock                     

"The Christopher Lewis Cemetery", by Glen Curnoe and Catherine McEwen

Two Inspirational Books Written by Local Historians, by Dan Brock

A Tribute to Janet Lucia Hunten, by Arthur Mc Clelland

Richard B. Harrison Plaque, by Glen Curnoe

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